adidas INFINITE TRAILS accommodation

Are you an athlete competing at the adidas INFINITE TRAILS and looking for the perfect accommodation? Or are you a supporting family member, coach or spectator at this big event? See our accommodation co-operation partners below!

Spot on for the event weekend: you are responsible for your physical fitness, our lodging facilities will do their best to ensure you have a comfortable stay. Choose between wellness-hotels, self-catering apartments or a family owned bed & breakfast.

Those accommodation facilities who are offering meals will provide you with regional and hearty breakfast and packed lunches on request. Early bird breakfast is available from 2 am.

Book now and receive a 20% discount of spa and beauty treatments and spa products in the Alpenthermen Gastein. Vouchers are valid on the race weekend. Please set up an appointment at least 2 weeks before arrival.


In the week from 20. to 26.9.2021 everything revolves around trail running. Therefore, we celebrate the sport with a Trailrun Camp from 20. to 23.9.2021. The 3-day Trailrun Camp can be booked in preparation for the competition on the weekend or on its own.


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