Autoschleuse Tauernbahn Böckstein - Mallnitz

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Bad Gastein

The Tauern motorail connects the Gastein valley with Carinthia.


Since 2001, guests are no longer allowed to remain in their vehicle during the trip.
Passenger must get out of the vehicle before it is driven onto the motorail train and board the passener carriage - waiting at platform 1. Only the drivers remain in their vehicles to drive them onto the train, after which they will join the other passengers in the coach. Please also observe the respective safety regulations overleaf. The motorail trains depart every 60 minutes. 

The carriage of buses and motorcycle groups requires advance reservation.

Loading until 5 minutes prior to train departure Travel time: 11 minutes; Limited space, Reservation not possible!
Not allowed for transport: liquefied gas and natural gas powered equipment, transportation of hazardous materials, vehicles over 25 tons.

Not admissable for transport:

  1. Hazardous goods as per RID/ADR
  2. Vehicles with a weight of more than 25 tons
  3. Vehicles with a total length over 12,5 meters

The following vehicles will be transported only upon request:

  1. Buses (2-axle)
  2. Groups of bikes

Ticket prices (including persons):

car and motorcycle € 17,00

Pendant € 10,00

truck/bus € 50,00

bicycle € 5,00

Weekly ticket car and motorcycle: € 61,40

Monthly ticket car and motorcycle: € 112,10

Annual ticket car and motorcycle: € 244,50

Opening Hours

Trains going south from Böckstein: hourly, 20 min. after the hour (6:20, 7:20, 8:20). Trains going north from Mallnitz: hourly, 10 min. before the hour (5:50, 6:50, 7:50).

Autoschleuse Tauernbahn Böckstein - Mallnitz
5645 Böckstein, AT

Autoschleuse Tauernbahn Böckstein - Mallnitz

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