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Gastein is an exceptionally lively place - numerous events throughout the year guarantee countless beautiful, exciting and touching moments.

Whether an international sporting event such as the Snowboard World Cup, a big open-air live concert, the beautiful event marking the summer solstice "Mountains in Flames" or the traditional celebrations associated with Harvest Festival: Gastein Valley is famous for hosting top events all year round. The event calendar provides you with an excellent overview, making it easier to find those events that will interest you the most during your stay in Gastein. Maybe that will be CONCERT:SUMMER in Bad Hofgastein? Or Yoga Spring with sessions right next to the world-famous waterfall? Or how about the trail-running event adidas INFINITE TRAILS in Gastein? The choice is all yours.


So, take a look at the event calendar. There's sure to be something in there you can't wait to see.

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Ausstellung der Hobbymaler Gastein

Kongresszentrum - Bad Hofgastein
04.08.2021 | 08:00
free entrance!


Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel - Bad Hofgastein
04.08.2021 | 08:30
A total of four lifts will be in operation on the Schlossalm and Stubnerkogel, and the guests can “swing” from peak to peak.

Geführte Wanderung: Rauchkögerl

Treffpunkt: Tourismusverband Dorfgastein - Dorfgastein
04.08.2021 | 08:30
For leisurely hikers:Walking time: ca. 6 hours, 700 meters of ascent, 700 meters of descent,

Dolce vita mercato italiano - Italienischer Markt in Bad Gastein

Kongressplatz Bad Gastein - Bad Gastein
04.08.2021 | 09:00
 A piece of Joy of Living!!!

"Flying Waters" Mountainbike Tour

Flying Waters / Bad Gastein - Bad Gastein
04.08.2021 | 09:00
Explore the bike trails of Gastein with a professional guide!

Waldbaden – das neue Bewegen und Atmen in der Natur

Treffpunkt: Kur- & Tourismusverband - Bad Hofgastein
04.08.2021 | 09:30
Forest Bathing in Angertal or on the Waterfall Path.Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the forest, draw strength from nature and give your mind an opportunity to rest!Accompanied and led by Heidi Huber & Stefan

Geführtes Almenbiking

Treffpunkt: Bike Gastein/Salzburger Straße 40 - Bad Hofgastein
04.08.2021 | 09:30
The goals of this mountain tour are the wonderful and idyllic hill farms of the Gastein valley.

Achtsame Reitpädagogik

Tobhartbauer - Dorfgastein
04.08.2021 | 10:00
Experienced and empathic! Discover and develop a sensitivity for horses in a different kind of way. 
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