Pain-Free through Radon

Radon helps combat chronic inflammation and allergies, leading to long-lasting pain relief.

The noble gas radon has been used successfully as a natural therapy at several different places in Europe. That said, nowhere else will you encounter such a wide range of treatment options as you do here in Gastein. Are you aware of the positive effects of radon?

What is radon - and how does it work?

In short - Gastein radon therapy stimulates the ability of your own cells to repair themselves. While you swim in thermal water, sweat in a radon vapor bath or relax in the Gastein Healing Gallery, your body absorbs radon through your respiratory passages and skin. In the process, the noble gas emits mild alpha radiation in your body, which in turn activates a special messenger substance, reducing inflammation and promoting natural healing processes. The result: The number of free radicals in your body drops and you have less pain.

Dame beim Einstieg in die Thermalwasserwanne

Scientifically Proven Benefits

The positive effects induced by this form of energy are subject to constant scientific investigation. The Gastein Research Institute conducts regular baseline studies of radon therapy. A division of Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg, the Gastein Research Institute works independently. The scientific studies are focused above all on the sustained pain relief which results from radon therapy in Gastein.

Dame im Thermalwasserbecken

Fountain of Eternal Youth

Many guests come to Gastein to escape their hectic routine and re-energize, harnessing the valley's natural remedies as a form of prevention. There is good reason why Gastein thermal water has had a reputation as a "fountain of eternal youth" for far longer than anyone can remember. The bottom line is quite simple: An improved, stronger immune system helps you to cope with the countless challenges of daily life far easier.

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