Hiking in Dorfgastein

The Gastein Valley boasts a sprawling network of 600 kilometres of waymarked hiking trails. Some of the most beautiful routes can be found on Fulseck. The 2,033-mertre mountain serves as both the starting point and the destination for various hikes, ranging from leisurely to more challenging alpine routes. What’s more, various themed trails also start here. Along the way or after your hike, cosy mountain huts are the perfect spots to relax and refuel.

Tip for leisurely explorers: If you want to take it a little easier, Gipfelbahn Fulseck allows you to cover part of the uphill or the way back down to the valley by cable car!

Routes for all skill levels

The Dorfgastein hiking paradise

Easy, medium or difficult: Dorfgastein offers routes for every skill level – from serene walks to and around Lake Spiegelsee to challenging ascents like the popular trail to Lake Schuhflickersee, its summit and the Paarsee lakes.

What makes hiking here exceptional is the choice between shaded forest trails and scenic sunlit routes, ensuring a memorable and diverse experience. Highlights include stops like the crystal hunt, the forest playground, and the large Sky Swings, enhancing the adventure.

For adventure-seekers

Themed trails in Dorfgastein

Dorfgastein’s themed trails present a world of natural wonders waiting to be explored. These trails are perfect for anyone looking for varied and engaging hiking experiences:


For gourmets: the mushroom trail

The Pilzweg (“mushroom trail”) is an absolute must for gourmets. This 4.6-kilometre trail is dotted with informative boards detailing various types of mushrooms. By the end of the tour, you’ll have gained valuable knowledge about collecting and processing the fascinating fungi.

For wildlife enthusiasts: the Jagasteig trail

The Jagasteig trail introduces hikers to the local fauna. Before the actual tour starts, you’ll walk past biotopes, ponds and mystical power places. Along the Jagasteig trail, you’ll then discover several educational boards with interesting facts about the region’s wildlife.

For fans of impressive flora: the flower trail

The Blumensteig ("flower trail") offers fascinating insights into the identities of local blooms. As you hike, you will repeatedly come across educational boards with information on the region’s flowers. Handcrafted seating options along the way invite you to take a cosy break.

For sensory engagement: the barefoot trail

The barefoot trail around Lake Spiegelsee offers a unique experience that is both relaxing and engaging. You’ll feel the earth beneath your bare feet as you walk over grass, stones and soil. The uneven ground gently massages the soles and stimulates the reflex zones of your feet – a true delight!

Maximum hiking fun

Summit hopping in Dorfgastein

Summit hopping allows you to cover as much distance as you please in just one day. During the summer months, Gipfelbahn Fulseck, Kieserlbahn and Panoramabahn take hikers back and forth between the Großarltal valley and the Gastein Valley. This means you can freely choose to hike or take the cable cars part of the way.

Tip: Holders of the Almorama Card or the Berge & Thermen Card enjoy free access to all Gastein cable cars as well as Kieserlbahn and Panoramabahn in Großarl on Tuesdays – a perfect opportunity for a carefree hiking experience.

Attractive offers

Comprehensive services for hikers

From transportation to equipment, Dorfgastein offers various convenient services to enhance your hiking experience:

  • The hiking bus makes travelling to Fulseck a breeze. With the Gastein Card, adults only pay 1.50 euros per journey. The ticket price for children is 70 cents.
  • Essential hiking gear, including poles, is available at Sport Egger, located right at the valley station.

Summer activities in Dorfgastein

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Biking in Dorfgastein
Biking in Dorfgastein
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Mountain carting
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Summer for families
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