Mountain carting in Dorfgastein

Three wheels, one handlebar, two brakes and a seat – those are the features of a mountain cart. Starting from the 2024 summer season, you can treat yourself to thrilling downhill rides on Fulseck with this unique vehicle – a fun activity for both adults and children alike.

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FAQ about mountain carting

From what age are children allowed to ride a mountain cart?

On Fulseck in Dorfgastein, children from the age of 10 and with a height of more than 1.40 metres are allowed to ride a mountain cart. The carts come in various sizes to accommodate different heights and age groups.

How do you steer a mountain cart?

The mountain cart features three wheels: a small, narrow front wheel for steering, and two wider rear wheels to support the rider’s weight. Additionally, disc brakes are installed on the rear wheels, which can be controlled from the handlebars.

Each side has a separate brake, allowing riders to drift through bends with ease.

Where is the mountain cart track in Dorfgastein?

The thrilling adventure starts at the Fulseck mountain station. Featuring numerous action-packed bends, the track winds its way down to the middle station – a distance of 4.8 kilometres and more than 550 metres in elevation loss.

Is special equipment required to use the mountain carts?

Prior to the adventure, the on-site professionals will provide you with important instructions. For a safe downhill experience, you’ll then be equipped with a helmet directly at the Fulseck mountain station.

How much does mountain carting cost?

The price per ride is 16 euros for adults and 8 euros for children. Holders of a Gastein Card benefit from a 25 per cent discount. This discount also extends to individuals whose primary residence is within one of the Ski amadé bonus municipalities.

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