Dorfgastein in summer

Hiking, biking, mountain carting and paragliding: In summer, Fulseck becomes a real hub for adventurers. From its summit, the scenic views of the surrounding mountains are simply breathtaking. 

There’s hardly anything more impressive than sitting in the newly built Sky Swing, marvelling at majestic peaks like the Großglockner, Hochkönig and Dachstein. And it’s no secret that Dorfgastein is also a favourite among families wanting to spend enjoyable – and truly memorable – holidays.

Summer holidays with children

Dorfgastein is perfect for summer holidays with the whole family: From adventures on Fulseck to excursions in the valley, there’s something for everyone!

Explore the mountains

Hiking in Dorfgastein

The extensive network of hiking trails in Dorfgastein caters to every preference. Whether you climb the local mountain on foot or opt for the convenience of a cable car, the view from the top is guaranteed to make your jaw drop. Be sure to savour the moment before setting out on your hike!   

There are numerous routes, ranging from easy to challenging, that start right at the summit station on Fulseck. Some of them lead you to the starting points of popular themed trails that teach you all about the regional flora and local mushroom varieties. One of the highlights: the barefoot trail where you can exercise your senses with every step!

Tip: If you want to explore the mountain world of Dorfgastein, you should try summit hopping!

Perfect for MTB enthusiasts

Dorfgastein as a biking eldorado

Dorfgastein’s biking trails stretch from the valley floor up into the mountains. Families can go on leisurely rides around the village, while avid mountain bikers get to tackle the climb to the summit of Fulseck.

But even if you’re not among the latter, don’t let the challenging ascent deter you – just take it easy and let the cable car give you a lift. All you need is the right ticket for you and your bike. Once at the top, you’ll have plenty of energy left to hit the thrilling single track – perhaps even more than once!

Fun and action guaranteed

Mountain carting on Fulseck

Put on your helmet, grab your mountain cart, and off you go! This exhilarating downhill adventure is just as popular with adults as it is with children. After a few instructions on the correct use of the carts, you’ll be zooming down the mountain in no time.

Ready for take-off

Paragliding in Dorfgastein

Not every place in higher altitudes is a suitable launch site – the birds can probably tell you a thing or two about that. However, Fulseck offers ideal conditions and optimum thermals for a smooth start to your paragliding adventures. Better yet: Local expert Lois Grugger will be happy to take you on a safe and exhilarating tandem flight, making this a must-try experience.

Outdoor adventures in Dorfgastein

Summer in the mountains with kids
Summer in the mountains with kids
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Culinary joys in the mountains
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Taking the hiking bus
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