Discover Dorfgastein’s diverse attractions

Your choice of holiday activities naturally depends on what you’re most interested in. Whether you prefer hiking, skiing or exploring historic sites like Klammstein Castle: Dorfgastein offers a wide range of activities and attractions to suit every taste. An important part of every adventure in the region? Treating yourself to delicious local cuisine!

Special attractions in Dorfgastein

Majestic Klammstein Castle

Located atop a hill right at the valley’s entrance, Klammstein Castle once served as a fortress safeguarding the valley’s residents. Now a cultural hub and popular excursion destination, the castle offers guided tours that allow you to delve into the region’s rich history. Special tip: Foodies and gourmets will enjoy the knight’s dinner – a truly immersive experience!

Entrische Kirche cave

High above Klammstein, Entrische Kirche is Salzburg’s largest natural cave in the Central Alps. Shaped over the course of millions of years, this cave boasts a stunning world of stalactites and surreal rock formations. Guided tours led by state-certified guides are offered from May to September, three times a week.

The climb to the cave takes about 50 minutes, ascending 240 metres, with tours of the visitor area lasting around 45 minutes.

The popular Solarbad pool

A paradise for water lovers, Dorfgastein’s Solarbad offers everything from splashing around to relaxing. It features slides and an extensive play area for children, while avid swimmers can perfect their strokes in the lap pool. The wellness area is the ideal place to unwind, letting you leave your stress behind in the sauna.

Events in Dorfgastein

Dorfgastein’s event calendar is jam-packed year-round. The annual village festival on the first weekend of August is a highlight in summer. In winter, the Oven Festival, Winter Solstice Festival, and the Alps’ largest art festival, Art on Snow, are must-visit happenings.

Unique outdoor adventures

Dorfgastein in summer

Vom gemütlichen Spaziergang durch den Ort bis zu anspruchsvollen Touren auf den Hausberg, das Fulseck: In Dorfgastein freut sich das Wandererherz über eine vielfältige Auswahl an Routen. Wenn Sie die herrliche Umgebung lieber per Zweirad erkunden möchten, finden sich sowohl im Tal als auch in den Bergen abwechslungsreiche Strecken. Für einen Perspektivenwechsel schnallen Sie den Gleitschirm an und bestaunen die Bergwelt während eines Paragleitfluges.

From leisurely strolls through the village to challenging climbs up the region’s landmark mountain Fulseck: Dorfgastein boasts a variety of routes and hiking trails. Cyclists will enjoy the scenic routes in the valley and and MTB enthusiasts the varied trails on the mountain. And for a change of perspective, why not take to the skies and marvel at the scenery during a paragliding (tandem) flight?

For winter sports enthusiasts

Dorfgastein in winter

Does cooler weather spark your desire to hit the slopes? Then you should visit Fulseck in Dorfgastein! A hub for winter sports enthusiasts from around the world, this diverse mountain boasts numerous options for activities on and beyond the groomed slopes. And once it’s time for a break, you can stop by one of the cosy ski huts serving tasty local delicacies.

Fun for all ages

Dorfgastein for families


Activities like mountain carting, spacious playgrounds, the Gasti snow park, family-friendly restaurants and accommodation options: Dorfgastein is the perfect destination for a relaxing and fun-filled family holiday.

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