Geführte Wanderung: Gadaunerer Hochalmen

5 h | 700 Hm ascent, 3 h | 700 Hm im descent, 2 h | 20 points
After crossing the Lafenbach, you will follow a forest trail via the Wolfstall and out towards the Gadaunerer Hochalmen. The dense spruce forest provides plenty of welcome shade, especially on hot summer days. Once above the tree line, you will come to the Gadaunerer Hochalmen, an alpine grazing area which, due to the numerous huts there, almost seems like a small mountain hamlet. The hike back down will take you across lush alpine meadows, then via the Lafenmahder towards Angertal. As you make your way, you will clearly be able to see how the steep mountain meadows at over 1600 m above sea level are still mowed and used as a source of hay by the local mountain farmers.
Transfer: by Bus 551 to Angertal and back

Free admission with your Gastein Card! You have to pay for the bus, taxi, cable car and consumption.
Dress appropriate to the demands of the hike - hiking boots with a good tread are necessary!
registration: Tourist Office Bad Hofgastein, until Monday 4 pm.


Kur- und Tourismusverband Bad Hofgastein
Tauernplatz 1
5630 Bad Hofgastein

The office is located in the center of Bad Hofgastein.

Bad Hofgastein is a place of relaxation and regeneration, nestled gently amid the Gastein mountain world. Here, you have the opportunity to take a deep, cleansing breath and enjoy the wide selection of opportunities for therapy, sports and recreation.