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1. Lato  
Zrób sobie przerwę od codzienności: W Gastein odnajdziesz spokój, zatankujesz energii i zaznasz przyrody Wysokich Taurów podczas wędrówek, jazdy na rowerze lub gry w golfa.    
2. Skiline  
Love to "collect" your skiing achievements? Thanks to the tracker offered by Skiline, you'll always know exactly what you've done.  
3. Ski Pass Prices & Calendar  
What's the ideal time of year for your dream vacation in Gastein? Our calendar and an overview of prices will definitely help you make the right choice.  
4. Winter  
Want to explore the mountains during your holiday in Gastein? Save yourself the hard climb and enjoy a comfortable ride on a lift instead.  
5. Lift Info  
Want to head up into the mountains during your holiday? If so, our local lifts will probably be your most important mode of transportation during your stay in Gastein.  
6. Mountains & Spa Card  
Love the mountains, but also the water? In Gastein, you can combine both thanks to the Mountains & Spas Card.  
7. Prices and Hours  
Want to give your hiking enjoyment a boost with the help of the lifts? In that case, take a look at the lift schedules and prices in Gastein.  
8. Open Lifts  
Want to know which of the many Gastein lifts are running in summer? Here you can find everything you need to know about lift schedules.  
9. Summer  
Want to experience everything, but with a little less effort? If so, Gastein's summer lifts are just what you are looking for!  
10. Prices & Opening times  
              Prices & Opening Times for Dorfgastein – Grossarltal             …  
Search results 1 until 10 of 2198