Early Morning Skiing in Gastein

You simply have to experience the magic of Early Morning Skiing in the mountains of Gastein. Hard to describe. But we’ll try our best. 

Even before daybreak, slip into your ski pants, take a deep breath of mountain air at the valley station, and feel the tingle of anticipation in your stomach. Float up to the summit on the gondola, check your bindings and inhale deeply again. Allow your eyes to roam. Across the freshly groomed pistes. And the radiant faces of your companions. And then – finally – launch yourself onto the piste, feel the wind in your face and experience an indescribable sensation of freedom. This is what it’s like being one of the first skiers on the mountain – during Early Morning Skiing in Gastein. 


The early bird… 

The early bird catches the worm, as we well know. And he also chooses the best time of day to do it. For passionate skiers, it’s hard to imagine anything more beautiful than riding towards the new day as it awakens before your eyes. Early in the morning, you virtually have the Gastein pistes to yourself. And by the time the sun casts its first rays over the mountaintops, you are already out on the piste cutting your own tracks in the freshly groomed snow. What an amazing way to begin a full day of skiing.

Hitting the pistes first thing in the morning

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Early Morning Skiing from the beginning of March until mid-April

From the beginning of March until mid-April 2022, you have the opportunity to do just that thanks to Early Morning Skiing in Dorfgastein and Bad Hofgastein. Participants meet every Monday at 7:15 AM at the valley lift station of Gipfelbahn Fulseck in Dorfgastein or every Friday at 7:15 AM at the valley station of the Schlossalmbahn in Bad Hofgastein. There at the station in question to greet you will be a professional guide. In small groups of 6 or more, you will then ride up to the summit together. Awaiting you there at around 9:30 AM will be a tasty and nutritious Summit Breakfast. At that point, nothing more stands in the way of a glorious day of skiing in Gastein in Salzburger Land!

Majestic breakfasts

From 29.12.2021, every Wednesday you can begin your day in Sportgastein with a Summit Breakfast. The crystal-clear morning air works up an appetite, which is why we offer all of our Early Birds a breakfast on the mountain after their first forays into the snow. In the legendary glass-and-aluminum dome, you are served an array of freshly prepared breakfast products, including fragrant bread, full-flavored cheeses and juicy ham. And then, with your batteries recharged, it will be time to hit the pistes again – and get the most out of the rest of your day of skiing in Gastein. Participants meet at 8 AM every Wednesday at the valley station of the Goldbergbahn in Sportgastein. 


Discover the magic of the early morning hours – Early Morning Skiing and Good Morning Skiing in Gastein are a perfect start to an unforgettable day of skiing!

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