Art on Snow Gastein 2021 cancelled

Winter Art Festival in Gastein Valley

Snow and ice are the most important ingredients for Art on Snow. Many different artistic hands and grand ideas are the tools. The result is the biggest art festival in the Alps: Art on Snow Gastein.

Eisskulptur am Berg mit Bergpanorama im Hintergrund

Experience how artists transform blocks of ice into artworks, both down in the valley as well as next to the lift stations in the mountains. The heaps of snow will be turned - much to the astonishment of children and their parents - into walk-able, experiential works of art. In the evening, when cast in the appropriate light, the objects take on a whole new dimension.


British artist Simon Beck, equipped only with a pair of snowshoes, a sketch and a compass, manages to conjure up gigantic pictures in the snow. However, if you would prefer to stay inside where it's nice and warm, you might want to take part in a painting workshop, giving free rein to your own artistic expression, or perhaps attend a multimedia show at the Kraftwerk Café.

Join us on a journey through time with this years motto "Forest Inhabitants".