Unique Form of Radon Therapy

Gastein Vapor Baths are a unique form of radon therapy.

The first Thermal Radon Baths were built in Bad Gastein back in 1825. One shaft, directly above the Elisabeth Quelle, still remains today, through which the hot vapors are channeled into the radon baths themselves. This spring supplies 2.5 million liters of radon-enriched thermal water every single day. Nowhere else in Europe boasts such a wealth of therapeutic water.

Gentle Therapy Form

Today, the Röck family operates the Vapor Baths with a true personal commitment. Here, you can take a radon steam bath and relax completely, while your body is pleasantly caressed by the hot, radon-enriched steam given off by the Elisabeth Quelle. 200 years of successful experiences speak for themselves. Learn more about the countless benefits enjoyed by Gastein's spa guests.

Thermal Dunstbad in Bad Gastein

Ideal for patients with heart- and circulatory problems

One of the major advantages of treatment in a radon vapor bath is that it puts very little strain on your cardiovascular system. The duration and temperature of the treatment can be individually adjusted for every patient. For example, if you suffer from heart or circulatory problems, this form of radon therapy will be ideal for you. In fact, the therapy effects are just as intensive as a session in the Gastein Healing Gallery, though far gentler.

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Spa Stays in Gastein

Actually, did you know that you can combine different forms of therapy during your stay in Gastein Valley? As with other forms of natural therapy, you will need to get clearance from a physician in order to participate in radon vapor treatments. Patients coping with ankylosing spondylitis and fibromyalgia tend to respond really well to this kind of therapy. Various forms of chronic skin complaints can also be treated with thermal vapor baths. Whether you opt for a vapor bath, the Healing Gallery or our thermal waters - you are certain to feel more renergized and fitter than you have in years. Completely naturally, without resorting to medications.

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A special feature of Bad Gastein is the small Radon Thermal Steambath in the town center.

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