Gastein's Summer Lifts

Ever ask yourself what those mountains you conquered on skis during the wintertime actually look like in summer? 

If so, plan a summer vacation in Gastein and find out! Some of the Gastein lifts run in summer as well, making life a lot easier for many a mountain fan wanting to conquer a summit. Are you a mountaineer for whom no mountain is too high and no path too long, or are you someone who prefers a leisurely ride to the top on a gondola, before hiking back down along beautiful paths and across alpine meadows? In Gastein, both are possible.

7 things the lifts add to your vacation in summer. They:

  • make it easier to reach the mountaintops
  • treat the whole familiy to experience the mountains
  • let you bring your bikes along
  • give you the chance to discover alpine plants and animals
  • are a gateway to adventure
  • guarantee incredibly scenery
  • promise a beautiful, re-energizing timeout
Open Lifts
Open Lifts
Summer lift in Gastein.
What does the mountain cost?
Mountains & Spas Card
Mountains & Spas Card
Summit conquests and total relaxation on one card.