Alleviating pain in the Gastein Healing Gallery

Radon, warmth and high humidity – for over 60 years, visitors to the Gastein Healing Gallery have taken a natural approach to stimulating their immune system, activating their body’s own self-healing powers and alleviating pain.

Guests take a 2.5 km ride on the train, deep inside the Radhausberg near Böckstein, to the site of a natural radon gallery. Only there will they encounter what is essentially the “Gastein Holy Trinity”: radon radiation, warm temperatures between 37 and 41.5°C as well as humidity from 75 to 100%. This combination makes the Healing Gallery unique. Therapy involving sessions in the Healing Gallery produces clear improvement in chronic disorders involving the musculoskeletal system, respiratory passages and skin. Making the Radhausberg in Gastein absolutely one-of-a-kind worldwide

Healing Gallery Therapy
Healing Gallery Therapy
Natural pain therapy harnessing the power of the Gastein mountains.
History of the Healing Gallery
History of the Healing Gallery
The evolution from gold to good health.
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Contact the Healing Gallery
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Self-healing powers are activated, the immune system strengthened

After a clinical consultation with a doctor, the train will take you into the mountain – where, back in the 1940s, rather than gold, they found something far more valuable: pain relief – a place where you, too, will finally be able to take a deep breath and relax again. The immune system is stimulated by the alpha radiation, the repair function of cells is boosted, and anti-inflammatory messenger substances are released within the body. Sustained pain alleviation, reduction in the need for medications lasting as much as one year, and stabilization of the immune system: These are the scientifically proven benefits of radon therapy in the Healing Gallery in Austria.

Academic study

On average, radon therapy reduces pain associated with rheumatic complaints by nine months. This is confirmed by various research, including the ImuRa study (international, multi-centered radon study) by Annegret and Thomas Franke, published in scientific journals including Rheumatology International.

months pain-free

The Healing Gallery is especially effective in the treatment of rheumatic-inflammatory conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, respiratory passages and the skin. Therapy is recognized by a number of Austrian and German insurance carriers, which means they assume the costs if treatment is recommended by a doctor. The most common recommendation is for 2 to 4 weeks of treatment, involving 3 to 4 therapy sessions inside the Healing Gallery per week.


This holistic therapy concept in the heart of the Hohe Tauern mountains activates the body’s self-healing powers naturally – a claim which is scientifically proven.


Check out the effects for yourself, thanks to an introductory session offered by the Healing Gallery. Register in advance by phone:+43 6434 3753 0

How radon works

This is what happens inside the body during radon therapy