Mountains in Flames: Summer Solstice in Gastein

Mystical and magical: At the time of the summer solstice, countless bonfires light up the summits and ridge lines of Gastein.

The shortest night of the year is greeted in Gastein Valley by an extraordinary celebration: It appears, indeed, as if the mountains surrounding Gastein are in flames. This fiery spectacle is a mystical sight. For a few hours, it wraps us in a world of magic and mystery. Shortly before nightfall, true to the solstice tradition, the bonfires are ignited, chains of lights extending from the mountaintops all the way down into the valley. An exhilaratingly fascinating night you'll never forget!

Sonnenwendfeuer in Gastein

Mystical Atmosphere and Hard Work

The mysticism which spreads across Gastein Valley on this night is virtually indescribable. But in order for this night to become so magical, a lot of hard work and intensive preparation on the part of local organizations and private people is required beforehand. For example, branches have to be gathered for this evening months in advance, while the anticipation mounts from one day to the next.

Breathtaking views from up on the mountains

And as the longest day of the year slowly fades into the twilight on Saturday, 16 June 2017, young lads and men head up into the mountains, often hiking along remote paths, so as to be ready to light the bonfires on the ridges and summits at nightfall. You can enjoy an especially beautiful view of the entire spectacle from up in the mountains, which is why the local lifts offer a special service just for this night. For example, you can ride up the mountains on the Fulseck lift from Dorfgastein, or on the Stubnerkogel lift from Bad Gastein. On the Stubnerkogel, alpenhorn players and a folk-music group will accompany the evening's events. Plus, acrobatic fire jugglers will put on a really spectacular show - true to the theme of "fire".

Sonnenwendfeuer in Gastein

Side Program in Bad Hofgastein

In Bad Hofgastein, the celebrations will continue all weekend long. Things get going on Friday evening with a concert performed by "Die Querschläger" in the Alpen Arena – or, in the event of bad weather, at the Kursaal. The concert starts at 8 p.m. and admission is free. Beginning at 11 a.m. on Sunday, Gastein music group "Strochner Böhmische" is sure to get everyone rocking, swaying and singing as well. Come join us and add song & dance to your own solstice weekend.

Experience this midsummer's night in Gastein Valley - with magical bonfires, evocative music and many unforgettable impressions.

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