Topics: Sommar | Weekend | Event
Hotel Selina, Bad Gastein


Topics: Sommar | Weekend | Event

Information about the Event:

BUGGIFEST at Hotel Selina

Come and dance with us for 3 nights in the middle of the alps of Austria surrounded by community, music and the beauty of Mother Nature.
Guests will tap into their inner child though letting go and dancing to a variety of international underground electronic music, taking hikes to lookout points where time no longer matters, meditating and practicing yoga to connect and relax. 

Mutual acceptance, understanding and love makes this experience a safe space where people can free their mind from everyday life, work and other responsibilities.

DJs.: Sarah Wild (headliner Berlin), Dorian Fecht, MARHOLZ, Buggi, Pumper Stilzchen, Mescheddi, Gugu, ModuMidi, julesnojules

Early Bird Ticket € 30,00 *until 31st
Right on Time Ticket € 45,00 *until 7th
Late to the Party Ticket € 60,00 *until 12th
Day ticket € 20,00