A Highlight for Freestylers - Snowpark Gastein

This flawlessly maintained park is a giant playground for jibbers offering infinite opportunities. 

If your idea of a perfect start to the day is a McTwist rather than a McMuffin, then Snowpark Gastein will definitely be just what you are looking for! This 300 meters-long snowpark is located on the Stubnerkogel and reachable using the Burgstall lift. On three lines with 30 obstacles in total, freestylers can show off every trick in their arsenal. QParks builds and shapes the park, and their pros know precisely what it takes to create the coolest kickers, tables, landings and jib obstacles. Here, newbie freestylers and pro jibbers are guaranteed to find what they're looking for!

Freestyler beim Sprung über einen Kicker

Snowpark Setup

In the Beginners' Area, with two smaller jumps, wide boxes and tubes, rookies can venture out into the world of freestyling for the first time. A medium area with 5-, 6-, 8- and 10-meter kickers guarantees lots of air time! An A-frame box, picknicker, jib-pole jam and other obstacles are a magnet for countless shredders. Are you a pro? If so, you'll be in your element on the advanced line. Challenging rails, tubes and a wall ride offer countless possibilities. You can find the current setup online at the Snowpark Gastein website.

The Perfect Chill Area

The chillin' Stubneralm is right at the foot of the park. Here, you can grab a bite to eat between runs and watch the other freestylers fine-tuning their 720s, tail grabs and flips while you sit out on the terrace and bask in the sun. Doesn't sound half bad, right!

Freestyle - Skifahrer beim Pausieren an der Liftstation

Always up to date

With the help of the Snowpark Gastein app, you'll always be informed about the current status and changes in the setup. Use the Tell-a-Shaper feature to ask the shapers questions and make your own suggestions. Download it in the App Store right now!

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