Mystical and magical: Countless mountain bonfires light up the peaks and ridge lines of Gastein to celebrate the summer solstice.

Spring Events in Gastein

As spring arrives in Gastein, the entire valley is filled with blossoms and vibrant colors. Springtime is also accompanied in Gastein Valley by an array of international top events.

Spring is welcomed in Gastein, not only by crocuses, primroses and the twitter of birds, but also by an array of highlights that herald the start of an exciting new events season. Take part in the always-popular Yoga Spring or quick-step into spring with the help of DANCE:FEST Gastein.


Spring is here! Do you feel it? And when, in Gastein, you see the mountains in flames, you know that summer can't be far away either.

A special yoga holiday awaits you. Feel the power of nature and the energy of springtime.