sommer.frische.kunst 2022
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Bad Gastein, Bad Gastein
Tue, 09.08.2022
14:00 o'clock

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sommer.frische.kunst 2022

Topics: Lato | Gastein TV | Wikend | Krótki pobyt | Kultura | Imprezy | Czas wolny

Information about the Event:

art:badgastein moves mountains


With a lot of freshness and for more than ten years, Bad Gastein has relied on contemporary art as a driving force in the summer. With the Festival, the spa town in the Austrian Alps has established itself as a hotspot for art away from the metropolises under the direction of Andrea von Goetz and offers contemporary art at altitudes of up to 2000 metres.

From 22 July to 4 September 2022, guests of the sommer.frische.kunst. can expect a six-week programme with solo exhibitions by Ulrike Theusner, Barbara Probst and Xenia Lesniewski. Performances by Noriko Mazda Kura, Lucia Bartl and POLLYESTER as well as readings, talks and a symposium on art in rural regions.

Sportgastein celebrates its premiere as a new art venue. In the Hohe Tauern National Park, Olaf Holzapfel is erecting one of his impressive and well-known rooms made of wood in cooperation with local carpenters. Also in Sportgastein, the Japanese artist Kazunori Kura shows his work "In the Name of the Day" surrounded by a grandiose mountain world.

Small and fine launches the first edition of art:badgastein in 2022. With this new format, Bad Gastein opens up for galleries from 23 to 31 July 2022. Away from the big art fairs in the metropolises, the aim is to facilitate a special exchange between artists, collectors and galleries. With peace and time. The galleries van Horn, Kuckei+Kuckei, PSM, The FAIREST, Knust & Kunz, Carolyn Heinz, Kewenig, Anna Jil Lüpertz, Feldbusch Wiesner Rudolph are represented in the renovated rooms of the Kraftwerk.

Afterwards, the master classes will take place in the Kraftwerk. Here, the sommer.frische.kunst. promotes young talent in particular. Students from the classes of Jorinde Voigt, Anselm Reyle and Christian Schwarzwald show their work in a group exhibition at the Kraftwerk. The ARTLOUNGE designed by Victor Foxtrot will open in the Kraftwerk for the entire duration of the summer.frische.kunst. and the Verlag für moderne Kunst will also be showing its very own summer freshness collection in its shop in the Kraftwerk. At Straubingerplatz, BWM Architekten, under the curatorial direction of Peter Weisz, is realising a video art project with the artist Stefanie Sixt.

Detailed information on all artists, galleries, events and highlights of the and art:badgastein 2022 can be found on the website

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