Tourismusberatung mit Umsicht

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Tourismusberatung mit Umsicht

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Bad Gastein

Do you sometimes ask yourself how you can successfully run your hotel or tourism business over the next few years?

You are probably under stress and pressure every day because there are so many challenges, for example

• Price pressure, digitization
• Shortage of staff & problems with employees
• Business transfer

Sometimes the current situation seems difficult and stressful and there is no solution in sight.

In 30 years in a managerial position in tourism, I have experienced how difficult situations can be - but also how a conversation, an idea, a new perspective can change everything.

Experience has shown that I can quickly identify the core problem that is preventing the desired results. Because the solution is often already hidden in the problem, we can also quickly tackle the measures that are decisive for success.

You will be surprised at how quickly we find clear measures that can be implemented immediately, are affordable and show results. I am convinced of the effectiveness of the lightning consultation that I offer you 30 minutes free of charge.