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51. Research Institute  
Studies conducted by Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg confirm the positive effects of Gastein radon therapy.  
52. Doctors in Gastein  
53. Holidays and Therapy  
The combination of therapy and holiday, treatment and relaxation, is ultimately what Gastein is all about. Discover our many options for your wellness vacation.  
54. Chronic Conditions  
With the help of radon therapy, patients with chronic complaints affecting the musculoskeletal system, the skin and respiratory passages find natural forms of relief.    
55. Other Medical Conditions  
56. Rheumatism  
Natural treatment of rheumatism is especially effective. Therapy in Gastein results in sustained pain relief without medications.  
57. Fibromyalgia  
Painful muscles, fatigue, weakness and sleep disorders are some of the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. Radon therapy in Gastein brings pain relief.  
58. Ankylosing Spondylitis  
Radon therapy in Gastein provides patients dealing with chronic pain associated with ankylosing spondylitis long-lasting relief without medications.  
59. Prevention  
Now’s the time to invest in your own good health and restore your energy levels – wellness, treatment, natural therapies, nature.  
60. Therapy Offers  
Gastein is an expert in pain therapy. The therapy centers, physicians and masseurs offer a perfectly coordinated program.  
Search results 51 until 60 of 2215