Climbing in Gastein

Climbing is one of the most exhilarating outdoor sports.

Gastein Valley offers many opportunities to make your way along high ridge lines or up vertical rock faces. Two practice climbing areas in Bad Gastein and Klammstein feature different climbing routes ranging from easy to challenging.

First Climbing Experiences in Gastein

Would you like to enjoy your first rock-climbing experiences in the middle of Bad Gastein? If so, the practice climbing area in the town center of Bad Gastein, next to the Silver Bullet Bar, is the perfect place to get your start. Without having to take a long drive out into the mountains, you can get started right away, seeing how you measure up against the rock face. Yet another rock-climbing wall is located in Klammstein near Dorfgastein. Easy routes are also ideal for giving kids their first climbing experiences. Angerer Alpine & Ski School offers introductory climbing lessons at both locations. They will also provide you with complete gear, from climbing shoes to harnesses, while an expert instructor will teach you basic climbing and safety techniques as well as how to rappel.

Kletterer auf einer Wand im Gasteinertal

Safe Experiences on a Via Ferrata

Whether alone, as a couple or with the whole family – on a via ferrata you will quickly, and with relatively little effort, be able to experience memorable adventures. Fixed-cable climbs right in the town center, as well as in the nearby mountains, excite newbies and rock jocks alike. Take full advantage of offers through Gastein's alpine schools, playfully sparking your enthusiasm for the challenges of rock climbing. Climbing courses improve your body control, flexibility, surefootedness and coordination. So, what are you waiting for?

Kletterer angekommen am Gipfel
Klettergarten Klammstein

The climbing garden is super easy to reach because it is almost right next to the road to the Gasteinertal. This is by the way not particularly disturbing since the street noise is drowned by the noise of the Gasteiner...

Klettersteige auf der Schlossalm

On the Schlossalm, there are now 6 via ferratas (climbing trails) of all skill levels.

Gasteiner Bundesstraße 567,
5630 Bad Hofgastein

Bismarckstraße 15,
5640 Bad Gastein
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