Hunting bow course in the Angertal valley in Gastein

As you explore the archery trail next to Waldgashof Angertal in Bad Hofgastein, you will also have a marvelous opportunity to work on your strength and concentration. After a brief training session, you will set out to "track down" lifelike replicas of animals standing in open terrain next to this idyllic forest path. As your reward for "taking down" the animals, you will earn one point every time you are on target.
Bows, arrows and all the other equipment you might need are available to borrow, with the perfect sizes for all hunters, big and small alike. It takes about one-and-a-half hours to complete the full course.

3D Hunting-Bow Course in Dorfgastein

As you explore this spacious and nicely designed archery course, beginners and experienced archers can all look forward to plenty of sporting challenges and lots of great moments. Includes a warm-up range and 14 3D animal targets.
Hiking boots are required. For children ages 9 and up.

Archery Course in Bad Gastein

The archery course in Bad Gastein was opened in summer 2010 and is laid out alongside an idyllic forest pathway. Your task is to hit 16 lifelike 3D animals using your bow and arrows. Who will score the highest number of points? Before setting out on your "hunting" expedition, you will be taught the correct way to handle a bow & arrow. It will take you about 90 minutes to complete the full trail.

Work on your concentration and accuracy. Bows and arrows are provided. You can reach us by taking the main road through Gastein, then look out for the lane leading up to the Bellevue Alm. You will come to the archery trail after barely 150 meters.

3D Jagdbogenparcours Hartlbauer

If you would like to test yourself whether you have the shooting techniques of an archer, then the Hartlbauer in Dorfgastein is the right place for you! 

Bergl 1,
5632 Dorfgastein
open today

Archery Trail Angertal ... with nature reproduction of game animals Fun and excitement for the whole family! Following some short instruction the adventure begins in the forest. The trail has real life 3D-animals to…

5630 Bad Hofgastein
Jagdbogenparcours Bad Gastein
open today

You care for activity, great entertainment and fun in your leisure time? 

Bellevue-Alm-Weg 4,
5640 Bad Gastein
1 - 3 entries von 3

Łucznictwo jest świetnym zajęciem letnim na wakacje w Austrii. Wybierzcie się razem na polowanie i przeżyjcie czystą przygodę. Wspaniałe kursy łucznictwa i inne kierunki lub dyscypliny sportowe czekają na Ciebie podczas urlopu letniego, zimowego, rodzinnego lub aktywnego wypoczynku. Wyjazd do Gastein na strzelanie z łuku.

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