Therapy & Treatment Centers in Gastein

Gastein is home to several institutions that offer high-quality in- and outpatient therapy programs.

Gastein's innovative approaches to treatment in combination with natural therapies produce excellent results. Yet another reason for their outstanding success is a thorough knowledge of the various treatment choices along with a profound understanding of the needs of their guests. For participants in outpatient programs, the hotels, apartments and guesthouses in Gastein provide the secluded atmosphere that guests are looking for, also allowing them to relax completely between therapy sessions. Whether you are being treated right there where you are staying, or you need to coordinate and make therapy appointments at health centers, your hosts will take exceptionally good care of you.    

Gastein's therapy and rehabilitation programs are accredited in Austria and Germany. Some therapy centers also allow you to bill your insurance provider directly. For details, please check out the webpages of the individual therapy and rehabilitation centers.


Still have questions about your various therapy options? If so, contact us by phone at 00800 888 777 22 or send an email to We'll be glad to assist!


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A special feature of Bad Gastein is the small radon thermal vapor baths in the center of town. This successful form of radon therapy has been practiced here since 1825.

Bismarckstraße 2,
5640 Bad Gastein
Gasteiner Heilstollen

The combination of natural radon content, heat and humidity makes Gasteiner Heilstollen the most intensive and effective remedy in the Gasteiner region.

Heilstollenstraße 19,
5645 Böckstein
Kurzentrum GmbH & Co KG
open today

Cure and rehabilitation center Bad Hofgastein features two therapy stations. The central form of therapy is water from hot springs containing elevated radon levels.                                    



Senator-Wilhelm-Wilfing Platz 1,
5630 Bad Hofgastein
Stiftung Kurtherme Badehospiz

The Badeshospiz is one of the leading health resorts in Austria. The aim and task of the team is to combine the best researched radon with a medical and therapeutic offer.

Badbergstraße 1,
5640 Bad Gastein
Therapiezentrum für physikalische Medizin

The most modern facilities and experienced Therapists offer you on demands, professional support in the areas -Regeneration -Prevention and Fitness.

Bahnhofplatz 7,
5640 Bad Gastein
Therapiezentrum Nord Rupert Röck Partner OG

*therapy center

Salzburger Str. 27,
5630 Bad Hofgastein
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