In Gastein, shopping becomes a very special experience

Just imagine, going shopping after your hike, no rush whatsoever, perhaps including a glass of wine whenever you are in the mood? Sound interesting? If so, you should definitely visit Bad Hofgastein on one of our Star:Shopping evenings!

On a hot summer's day, shopping isn't really that much fun. After all, most of us would prefer to spend the day up in the mountains or close to a body of cool, refreshing water, such as the Gastein swimming lake. So, why not delay your shopping until later that evening? In Gastein Valley, in Salzburger Land, that's definitely an option.


In the pedestrian zone in Bad Hofgastein, during the peak summer months shops are open on seven different Thursdays until 10 o’clock at night. From 16 July until 27 August, the town is definitely in a shopping frame of mind until well into the nighttime hours – shopping under the stars indeed! And it’s not just about extended shopping hours either. Various music groups will provide live entertainment, each Thursday evening with a different musical theme, turning the whole experience into a full-blown summer event in its own right. From Austro Pop, to a Night of Magic with magicians and street artists, to a Folk Costume Night infused with deeply rooted local traditions.


So, saunter at your own pace from one shop display window to the next, treating yourself to a cool drink every now and then, allowing the sounds of the music groups to waft over you. Enjoy the one-of-a-kind evenings known as Star:Shoppen here with us in Gastein.



Other Event Highlights:

Ein Tanzpaar beim Tanzen
The whole valley dances during Dance:Fest Gastein.
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Festival of art and culture in Gastein Valley.
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Harvest Festival
Harvest Festival
Salzburg Harvest Festival – the 5th season in Gastein.
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