Ice climbing in Gastein

Ice climbing is a sport that fascinates athletes and spectators from the very first moment.

Know that unique chinking sound you get whenever you dig into the ice? Then the excitement of pulling yourself up to the next hand- or foothold? And strategizing your next series of moves? If so, you'll be happy to know that Gastein Valley is an absolute Eldorado for ice climbers. As we get deeper into autumn and the temperatures gradually drop, countless climbing routes practically grow right in front of your eyes. Wherever the spring water or snow melt had flowed in summer, is now transformed into an icy mountaineering challenge. Between the gorge at the valley entrance and the four high valleys to the south, there are several locations where avid ice climbers pursue their passion, especially in the early morning hours.

Eiskletterer am Eisfall im Gasteinertal

Global Ice-Climbing Hotspot

Gastein has made a name for itself in the ice-climbing community, both at home and internationally. From relatively simple practice areas to challenging mountaineering routes, Gastein Valley offers you a full range of difficulty. And Gastein's high-alpine location guarantees top-quality ice conditions. Have you ever tried ice climbing? If not, with the help of an experienced Austrian mountain guide you will be able to discover the fascination of this exciting sport for yourself, right here with us in Gastein.

Every move, pure excitement

Would you like to experience ice climbing as a spectator? Many of Gastein's ice falls are easy to reach, promising boundless excitement and fascination while you watch. There is perhaps nothing more compelling than standing close to the emblem of Bad Gastein, the waterfall in the center of town, and following the climbers' every move as they make their way up what, in the winter months, are now meters-high columns of ice.

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