The Museums in Gastein, Salzburger Land

Every museum in the Gastein Valley has its own charm. Here you can find all the Gastein museums at a glance. Come with us on a journey through time!


The history of the Gastein Valley is long and exciting. In fact, it does have a few surprises in store! It is a story of hot tunnels deep in the mountain, of glittering gold, sparkling silver and the noble gas radon. And a story of the people who found their way into this fertile valley many thousands of years ago.

Burg Klammstein

guided tours at the castle "Klammstein", the oldest building of the Gastein valley. 

Klammstein 26,
5632 Dorfgastein
Gasteiner Museum

The Gasteiner Museum tells the history of Bad Gastein.

Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Straße 14,
5640 Bad Gastein
Historische Mühlen am Höhenweg

A visit to both of these mills is definitely rewarding, not least because it is so rare to find these two different designs located so close together.

Grießpark 1,
5630 Bad Hofgastein
Hofmuseum Hinterschneeberg

Look around in the yard museum.

Hinterschneeberg 16,
5640 Bad Gastein
Knappenwelt Angertal

The hike from the car park at the entrance to Angertal to the mining museum takes about one hour and is like a journey into the past of Gastein Valley.

Tauernplatz 1,
5630 Bad Hofgastein
Montanmuseum Altböckstein

Impressive excursion into the history of mining in the province of Salzburg

Karl-Imhof-Ring 12,
5645 Böckstein
Museumsgebäude Ullmannlehen

The farmhouse, built in the 15th century between Bad Gastein and Böckstein, is one of the oldest farms in the Eastern Alps.

Böcksteiner Bundesstr.,
5640 Bad Gastein
Technische Sammlung von Hans Breyer

The Breyer technology collection in Bad Hofgastein has a broad compilation of antique equipment (radios, photography, office items).

Grießpark 1,
5630 Bad Hofgastein
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