The musical joys of Klassik:Sommer 2019 in Bad Hofgastein

From 24 May until 27 September, classical music will once again be in the air of Gastein Valley. Klassik:Sommer 2019 in Bad Hofgastein treats music lovers to an array of memorable moments - from the big Summer Night's Gala in July, to Alm:Klassik along with delightful family concerts.

A marvelous selection of music to enjoy, in the valley as well as up on the alpine pastures – that's what Klassik:Sommer in Gasteinertal is all about! Live music and Gastein look back on a long tradition. One reason why this particular musical highlight in Salzburger Land will once again be a highlight of the event calendar in Bad Hofgastein. As in the past, Philharmonie Salzburg will be putting on some truly extraordinary concerts. Under the direction of conductor Elisabeth Fuchs, this beloved orchestra will present orchestral music that will spark your dreams and your imagination, and might even get your toes tapping as well – at venues that include the Alpenarena in Bad Hofgastein. The program of Klassik:Sommer 2019 is colorful and full of joie de vivre.


In Gastein, music has long been as much a part of summer as the enchanting scenery of Gastein's mountain world and its enormous range of outdoor activities.

Local Bands and Montana:Musica

Bad Hofgastein is diverse. And that's also reflected in the music program. The town has a lot more to offer than "just" classical. The summer of music in Bad Hofgastein begins with a series of concerts on and around the summer solstice: Local and international bands invite everyone to enjoy a combination of music and dance. The concerts take place in the Alpenarena.

"Music unites" - this motto captures perfectly the essence of the Montana:Musica international music festival. Between 10 and 13 October 2019, this powerful combination of music and nature will take place in Gastein.

Two other bands - the "Trachtenmusikkapelle" and the "Kameradschaftskapelle" - will give regular concerts in the town center from May until October.

Other Event Highlights:

Musikanten auf einer Almhütte
Classical music at mountain huts in Gastein.
Ein Tanzpaar beim Tanzen
Tanz:Fest Gastein
Tanz:Fest Gastein
Summer in Gastein is heating up. Let`s dance!
Aufnahme vom Kulturfestival - Schubert in Gastein, als Hommage an Franz Schubert
Schubert in Gastein
Schubert in Gastein
"Between Major and Minor".

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