In the wonderland - traveling theater
Topics: Estate | Famiglia | Cultura
Graukogelalm, Bad Gastein
mar, 23.08.2022
15:45 o'clock

In the wonderland - traveling theater

Topics: Estate | Famiglia | Cultura

Information about the Event:

"In the wonderland" - Traveling theater from Schachengut to Graukogelalm.

Based on the famous play "Alice in Wonderland", a travelling theatre will be implemented again this year on the Graukogel in Bad Gastein. The forest and nature are used to bring Alisa out of her digital world and back into a fantasy world of her own, which she can also promote again.


About the content:

Alisa is on holiday with her mother at the farm and still has to write a fantasy story for her school and she just can't think of anything, besides Snapchat and Instagram are much more important than this essay. Suddenly, a white rabbit runs past her into the forest and Alisa follows it curiously. All belief in time, social norms and meaning is challenged during the journey through Wonderland. Can the Jack of Hearts be cured and his coronation really take place or will the Queen of Hearts make heads roll? Will Alisa manage to solve the riddle and can the Jack of Hearts be saved by the healing water after all?


The performances take place on the Graukogel from the Schachengut to the middle station via a forest and woodland path.

It will be cancelled in case of very heavy rain/thunderstorms.


Project management and direction will be taken over by Charlotte Krempl, she is an actress and speaker and already successfully realised a travelling theatre last year.



2-4 August 2022 (premiere: 2 August 2022)

9-11 August 2022

16-18 August 2022

23 August 2022


Meeting point:

3.45 pm, between Windischgrätzhöhe and Schachengut



€ 10,- for children

€ 17,- for adults





Graukogel 5 (Mittelstation)
5640 Bad Gastein, AT