How radon therapy improves your health and alleviates pain

The “Gastein Cure” is an approach to therapy based on three pillars: radon, heat and a therapeutic climate. Only in this combination can the benefits of the Gastein Cure achieve their full effect. The most important component, and the one which distinguishes therapy in Gastein from everywhere else, is radon. The benefits of Gastein radon therapy have been medically & scientifically proven.

The three pillars of therapy


Radon: repair for the cells

TGF-Beta Cytokine – Though it sounds like a very complicated word, what’s going on is actually very simple. In brief, radon stimulates cell division. The noble gas radon is inhaled or absorbed through the skin. This causes the body to release messenger substances such as cytokine. For the most part, cytokine regulates cell growth and functionality of the immune system. TGF-Beta Cytokine in particular is a messenger substance that helps to reduce inflammation and regenerate tissue – and it is precisely this messenger substance that is released intensively during radon therapy. This explains the self-healing and preventative effects of radon therapy


Self-healing & immune defense – also beneficial for healthy people

But the effects of radon go even beyond that. Each cell in the human body has its own repair mechanism. This helps to recognize and eradicate errors involving genetic information, the DNA. Harmful external influences may alter the DNA, which will in turn lead to problems involving the metabolism, the cardiovascular system or the joints. Radon helps to stimulate this “repair system” within our cells. If a cell goes into repair mode, known as apoptosis, it sends additional anti-inflammatory substances both to itself and neighboring cells – which in turn stimulate immune cells, sending other anti-inflammatories on a journey through the rest of the body. Once this process has been given a kickstart, the entire body goes into repair mode. The immune system goes back into high gear – a development that also does wonders for your health. 

The body repairs itself.

The right dose determines the health benefits

If your ears perk up when you hear the word “radon” and you immediately think of radiation, you’re absolutely right. When radon decays within the body, it emits high-energy alpha radiation. It is precisely this radiation which provokes the release of messenger substances. Only low levels of alpha radiation are needed, such as those found in thermal water or the Healing Gallery: It all comes down to the correct dosage. That is why radon therapy is only permitted under the supervision of a physician. That said, the radiation exposure involved in radon therapy is significantly below the average amount of radiation most people are naturally exposed to on an annual basis.  


Zero side effects in contrast with pharmaceutical treatments

Unlike the high doses of medications often prescribed to pain patients, here there are no actual side effects. After approximately 3 hours, radon has been broken down by the body almost completely. Only a small residue remains in the fatty skin layers of the body for up to 48 hours, after which it, too, is eliminated. However, the benefits with respect to cell division and the immune system are sustained. The result: The number of free radicals in the body is reduced and pain is relieved for several months.

Healing climate: Top athletes swear by it!

The climate you encounter in Gastein is particularly beneficial. On the one hand, the high humidity of the Healing Gallery or the therapeutic baths (due to the warm thermal water) guarantees optimal radon absorption within the body. On the other, the alpine elevations of Gastein Valley do their part to intensify the effects of treatment as well: The valley lies at elevations between 850 and 1100 m. With every vertical meter you gain, the air pressure sinks and the air itself contains less oxygen per cubic meter. In turn, this stimulates the body to produce more red blood cells in an attempt to ensure that, despite less oxygen in the air, plenty of oxygen is reaching the cells. At this elevation, the drop in air pressure is so minimal, we don’t even notice it. Nonetheless, our body will still go ahead and produce more blood cells. Oxygen absorption is thus increased. As a consequence, radon is absorbed by the body more effectively and, thanks to the elevated body temperature, spread more effectively to all extremities. A higher therapeutic dose of radon is thereby achieved.

Medically-based and scientifically-proven therapy

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Pain-Free through Radon

Radon helps combat chronic inflammation and allergies, leading to long-lasting pain relief.

The noble gas radon has been used successfully as a natural therapy at several different places in Europe. That said, nowhere else will you encounter such a wide range of treatment options as you do here in Gastein. Are you aware of the positive effects of radon?