Natural Therapies against Pain

Take advantage of natural therapies in Gastein for pain relief.

Gastein's thermal waters, radon vapor therapy and the Gastein Healing Gallery draw thousands of people to Gastein Valley every year. Especially chronic complaints affecting the musculoskeletal system, such as rheumatism, ankylosing spondylitis and fibromyalgia, can be treated very successfully in Gastein. In combination with various approaches to therapy, it is possible to achieve long-lasting pain relief in the face of a wide range of chronic conditions. Gastein is effective!

The Unique Healing Power of Radon

The long-lasting benefits are the result of hot Gastein Thermal Water with elevated radon levels. Five million liters of this valuable treasure emerge from 18 natural springs in the center of Bad Gastein. Naturally enriched with radon, the water is piped to spa centers and rehabilitation facilities in the valley. Furthermore, numerous hotels in Gastein Valley also have thermal water piped in directly from the hot springs. Which means, at many of our lodging establishments you have the luxury of enjoying thermal therapy in the very same place where you are staying.

Pain free, thanks to the Gastein Healing Gallery

The Gastein Healing Gallery is one of Gastein's natural forms of therapy. Originally in search of gold, miners deep inside the Radhausberg actually discovered a uniquely therapeutic climate. Countless patients every year take advantage of the Gastein Healing Gallery as a natural path towards a pain-free life.

Radon combats chronic inflammation and allergies, and leads to long-lasting pain relief.

Gastein's Rejuvenating Spa Resorts

Gastein's two spa resorts, the Alpentherme in Bad Hofgastein and the Felsentherme in Bad Gastein are also fed by thermal water. Though the water which reaches the two spas no longer contains radon, it is still rich in valuable minerals, available fresh every day to guests looking to relax and reenergize.

Ever hear about Gastein Vapor Baths?

Yet another source of relaxation and rejuvenation are the Radon Vapor Baths. They are located directly above the most abundant thermal spring in Bad Gastein, known as the Elisabeth Quelle. Here, the healing vapors produced by the spring are used for radon therapy.


The various forms of natural Gastein therapy can be experienced as part of a classic "cure" program, as a form of outpatient preventive treatment, or privately, whenever the mood takes you.

Studies conducted by the institute of Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg support the positive benefits of Gastein radon therapy.