Science confirms the benefits of Gastein therapy

Numerous scientific studies now confirm the benefits of radon therapy and the “Gastein Cure”

Therapy in Gastein looks back on a long tradition. In fact, in the year 1230 A.D. a famous poet of that time, Neidhart von Reuental, felt so good in the water of Gastein that he was inspired to immortalize his experience in verse. In “Die Graserin in der Gastein”, he also describes the hot springs.

No less a person then Marie Curie established a milestone in the scientific analysis of Gastein therapy. In 1904, this two-time Nobel prize winner succeeded in proving the presence of radon gas in Gastein spring water.

Beginning of

The Gastein Research Institute was founded in 1936. Since then, it has researched Gastein therapy treatments and provided the basis for ongoing development. Since 2006, it has been an independent institute of Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg, and part of the Institute for Physiology and Pathophysiology. But it isn’t only the Gastein Research Institute which investigates radon therapy: Several other international universities are interested in the noble gas.


The table shows select studies that are available for download. For an easier synopsis, we suggest reading this brief compilation of scientific studies or this synopsis of the conclusions of individual studies.

Select Studies

Study Authors Publication
Registerstudie zur Effektivität der Gasteiner Kur Landrichinger J., Hölzl B., Untner J., Foisner W., Edtinger S., Knapp M., Ritter M., Gaisberger M. 2018. Poster
Radon balneotherapy and physical activity for osteoporosis prevention: a randomized, placebo-controlled intervention study Winklmayr M., Kluge C., Winklmayr W., Küchenhoff H., Steiner M., Ritter M., Hartl A. 2015. Radiat Environ Biophys. 54(1): 12-36.
Einfluss niedrig dosierten Radonstollen-Hyperthermie bei ankylosierender Spondylitis Lange U., Neumann N., Kürten B., Müller-Ladner U., Tarner I.H. 2012. Phys Med Rehab Kuror. 22: 203–206
Langzeitbetrachtung von Patienten mit Spondylitis ankylosans nach (wiederholter) Radonstollentherapie im Rahmen der stationären Rehabilitation – 12-Jahres-Follow-up einer kontrollierten prospektiven Studie Lind-Albrecht G., Rotheimer-Hering S. 2007. Journal für Mineralstoffwechsel 4
Radon als Heilmittel – Therapeutische Wirksamkeit, biologischer Wirkmechanismus und vergleichende Risikobewertung Deetjen P., Falkenbach A., Harder D., Jöckel H., Kaul A., von Philipsborn H. 2005. RADIZ-Informationsheft Nr. 25

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