Safe Gastein – safe holidays in Salzburger Land

The regional seal of quality “Safe Gastein” promises added safety during your Gastein holiday.

At Gastein retail businesses, spa resorts, mountain lifts, dining establishments and hotels, further measures have been implemented in addition to those required by the Austrian government so that everybody can be confident of enjoying a safe, healthy stay with us. The regional “Safe Gastein” certification indicates those businesses that comply with this special safety concept.


“Safe Gastein” seal of quality – safety measures

  • The body temperature of all employees at participating businesses is measured daily
  • Additional hand and surface disinfection
  • At dining & accommodation establishments: weekly PCR testing of all employees
  • Registration of all dining, hotel and spa guests
  • At spa resorts: automatic fever screening and limited number of visitors
  • All cable cars and lifts will be aired as best as possible. All lift facilities (cable cars, chairlifts,…) will be regularly disinfected.


Complete information about Covid-19 issues can be found here.

"Safe Gastein" Accommodations
"Safe Gastein" Accommodations
All accommodations with "Safe Gastein" certification
"Safe Gastein" Dining Establishment
"Safe Gastein" Dining Establishment
All restaurants & cafés with "Safe Gastein" certification
"Safe Gastein" Infrastructure
"Safe Gastein" Infrastructure
All infrastructure providers with "Safe Gastein" certification