Advent in Salzburger Land

Thick snowflakes falling silently to the ground, peaceful music along with the fragrances of cinnamon and mulled wine - for many people in Gastein and their guests, this period before Christmas is the most beautiful time of year.

During Advent, music plays an important role in Salzburger Land. Enjoy wind ensembles performing festive folk melodies and the unmistakable sounds of the alpenhorn. Other musical highlights include "Advent Singing" and an Advent concert performed by the local choral society.

During Advent, children's eyes begin to gleam in joyous anticipation. The youngsters look forward to rides on horse-drawn carriages, roasting hot dogs, and getting to pet the sheep and goats. And for truly special moments, there is perhaps nothing to beat those hikes by torchlight through wintry Gastein Valley.

Discover the magic of Advent in Salzburger Land and each of Gastein's three communities. This is the season of peace and reflection. And nowhere is that more evident, or more beautiful, than right here in the midst of the snow-capped Hohe Tauern peaks.

Take a timeout. Far removed from the daily routine. Rediscover what winter is all about. Enjoy the sense of total peace immersed in thermal waters, or slice down freshly groomed pistes.

Advent in Dorfgastein
Advent Markets in Bad Hofgastein
Advent in Bad Gastein

Regional Crafts, Cooking and Traditions

At the Advent markets in Gastein Valley, local craftsmen and -women exhibit their pieces, primarily made from wood and other natural materials. Can you imagine a better opportunity to pick up some new decorations for your Christmas tree? Of course, during Advent in Salzburger Land it would be impossible to overlook the opportunities to indulge in some appropriately festive food & drink. A wide selection of local specialties are served, along with mugs of that famous mulled wine. This sweet drink with a hint of cinnamon warms you from the inside (and actually tastes far better when the temperatures are below freezing!).


Experience regional crafts and traditions during Advent in Salzburg province, as you discover the magic of a pre-Christmas holiday in Gastein.