Street Festival in Bad Gastein - 2021 cancelled

Convivial moments combine with the lightness of summer

When summer is in full bloom, the people of Gastein and their guests gather for the annual Street festival. A festival in the streets of Bad Gastein itself. Beginning in the afternoon, the streets in the town center will belong to pedestrians. Small market stands will set up, where you can sample an enticing selection of homemade and home-brewed products. Hours of carefree ease and the glorious lightness of summertime - discover what “savoir-vivre” is all about!

Musikgruppe und Gäste beim Gasslfest in Bad Gastein

Cosmopolitan flair combines with folk traditions

Even if this town, nicknamed "the Monte Carlo of the Alps" - with its magnificent Belle Époque houses - radiates the ambience of a cosmopolitan city, the Gastein locals still love and nurture their folk traditions as well. And that's something visitors can experience for themselves, as music bands and folk-costume groups gather in town and parade through the streets.


A love for culture meets an appreciation for folk heritage, urban chic meets lederhosen, Aperol spritzers meet pine schnapps. And once again, Bad Gastein becomes a cultural melting pot. Something the town is very proud of... and one reason it is so popular with visitors.

Numerous events year-round guarantee countless beautiful, exciting and touching moments.