Trucker Weekend
Topics: Autumn | Family | Event
valley station Gipfelbahn Fulseck, Dorfgastein
Fri, 23.09.2022
18:00 o'clock

Additional event days

  • Sat, 24.09.2022 - 09:00 o'clock ICS-Download
  • Sun, 25.09.2022 - 09:00 o'clock ICS-Download

Trucker Weekend

Topics: Autumn | Family | Event

Information about the Event:

On the weekend of 23.9.2022 - 25.9.2022, the Trucker Weekend will take place in Dorfgastein at the Gipfelbahn Fulseck valley station.

On Friday, 23.9.2022, the advertising trucks will arrive and will then be welcomed at a barbecue evening with music at Thomaselli from 6.00 pm.

On Saturday, 24.9.2022, the trucks can be viewed from 9.00 am There will be a farmers' market with regional specialities and there will also be a chicken barbecue.

On Sunday, 25.9.2022, the trucks can be viewed again from 9.00 am In addition, various handicraft businesses will be exhibiting their finest pieces.
From 11.00 am  there will be a hearty morning pint with music and a chicken barbecue.

Bergbahnstraße 46
5632 Dorfgastein, AT