As summer on the alpine pastures draws to a close, Bauernherbst is just around the corner - with high-spirited celebrations, dirndl dresses and lederhosen, and abundant love for life!

Beginning at the end of August, it is time for the 5th season here in Gasteintal. After a glorious summer spent at their huts amid the high grazing grounds, mountain farmers return to the valley with their livestock and, in honor of the occasion, ages-old Harvest Festival traditions take center stage at the Bauernherbst 2022 in Gastein.



Bauernherbst in Gastein is a time for…

  • celebrations, dancing and joyful laughter
  • high-spirited get-togethers with family and friends
  • an autumn holiday filled with unforgettable impressions in nature or pure relaxation at the spa
  • first preparations for winter after a very busy summer in the mountains.


Did you know that Gastein isn't just famous for Harvest Festival, but also because it boasts Salzburg's highest glacier-free ski area?

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Alpenhorn players in folk costume

10 things you can look forward to at Bauernherbst in Gastein: 

  1. Finally wearing out your lederhosen and dirndl. 
  2. Shake a leg to real folk music. 
  3. Eating a Bauernkrapfen warm from the oven. 
  4. Marvel at the lush floral decorations of the festively dressed up cows. 
  5. Taste the homemade specialties of the farmers. 
  6. Admire artistic figures made of hay. 
  7. Taste homemade schnapps from the region. 
  8. Enjoy the warm summer evenings in the open air. 
  9. In the evening, plunge into the warm waters of the spa
  10. And secretly looking forward to winter
Animals made from straw

Harvest Festival Celebrations: authentic folk traditions

Authentic, atmospheric celebrations are typical of this time of year. During Harvest Festival in Salzburger Land, you see and experience first-hand how local traditions are nurtured and revered. The lederhosen and dirndl dresses are pulled out of the wardrobe, while people dance and make music often until late into the night.

There are demonstrations of ancient crafts. Above all, there is a sense of lightheartedness and exuberance that is absolutely infectious. Somehow, it seems that time has simply stood still for a day or two. For these few precious moments, smartphones and laptops have become irrelevant, as we relish each and every precious moment.

We hope you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we enjoy the many celebrations associated with Harvest Festival in Gastein!


Farmer's Breakfast

Bergdestillerie Hauseben - Bad Gastein
28.05.2023 | 08:00
Enjoy a balanced breakfast at 1.080 m above sea with view over the Gastein valley with regional delicacies.  

Alpine farm breakfast at Amoseralm

alm hut "Amoseralm" - Dorfgastein
28.05.2023 | 08:00
Relish Gastein´s magnificent mountain views at a delicious farm breakfast.  

Alpine farm breakfast at Amoseralm

alm hut "Amoseralm" - Dorfgastein
29.05.2023 | 08:00
Relish Gastein´s magnificent mountain views at a delicious farm breakfast.  

Talk: Hohe Tauern National Park

Kursaal, 1st floor - Bad Hofgastein
30.05.2023 | 20:00
Find out more about our beautiful alpine nature and its hidden treasures. Presented by national park ranger Mr Hans Naglmayr.

Baking farmhouse doughnuts

Obere Astenalm - Bad Gastein
03.06.2023 | 11:00
In the show doughnut kitchen fresh doughnuts are prepared daily in a wide variety.
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Other Event Highlights:

Homemade products from local hill farms.
Schubert in Gastein
Schubert in Gastein
Böckstein Sword Dance
Böckstein Sword Dance
Festival to honor the miners of Gastein.

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