Along the Salzburger Almenweg through Gastein

Hiking keeps you fit, good food adds to the quality of life - and both are combined perfectly along the Salzburger Almenweg.

The 350 km-long Salzburger Almenweg leads you past more than a hundred rustic mountain huts dotted throughout Salzburger Land. Of course, you don't have to hike all 31 stages at once. But maybe you'd like to attempt at least one stage while you are on holiday with us in Gastein. Some legs of this trail do indeed run right through Gastein Valley, bringing you to beautiful huts that invite you to stop in for a well-earned snack and refreshments. Would you like to experience even more, and perhaps be an active part of life at a hill farm? At the Amoseralm in Dorfgastein, for example, you can bake your own crispy-fresh farmhouse bread, while at the Haitzingalm Hütte on the Schlossalm you can peek over Traudi's shoulder as she makes delicious cheese out of milk from hay-fed cattle.

Familie beim Wandern auf dem Salzburger Almenweg im Gasteinertal

A beautiful souvenir: Salzburger Almenweg hiking pins

The symbol of the Salzburger Almenweg is the blue gentian, which is native to the Salzburg mountains. You will find it along the entire length of the Salzburger Almenweg, on trail markers, on benches, on the rubber stamps you find at huts for marking your hiker's passbook, and, of course, on the Salzburger Almenweg achievement pins. Be sure to collect a stamp at each of the huts along the trail. Whenever you have collected one or several, simply show your passbook at the local tourist office in order to receive the highly coveted Salzburger Almenweg hiking pin – your reward for a great hiking achievement. These pins look good on a jacket, a hat or scarf. Just one more way to hold onto wonderful memories of your hike along a stage of the Salzburger Almenweg. And a great excuse to share a tale or two with friends and acquaintances back home.

Spezielle Sitzbänke entlang des Salzburger Almenweges im Gasteinertal

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