1000 Years Gastein: an entire valley celebrates!

An extraordinary event indeed: As we come to the 1000-year anniversary of when Gastein was first chronicled, the entire valley will celebrate – with dance, food & drink, countless highlights and pure enjoyment. Celebrate with us! 

Gastein writes a new chapter in its rich history and everybody is celebrating together! From the gold of the Hohe Tauern and the regal Belle Époque buildings in Bad Gastein to our “liquid gold”, the water from Gastein’s famous hot springs: Gasteinertal has 1000 different faces – each more beautiful than the last. Experience the 1000 colorful facets of Gastein during our millennial celebrations in 2020!

10 things you can experience during your Gastein vacation in anniversary year 2020

Panoramic view of Bad Gastein
  1. Bathe in liquid Tauern gold – at especially affordable prices. 

  2. Hike up to a mountain hut and enjoy their delicious regional specialties.

  3. Inhale the fresh, clear mountain air.

  4. Experience the “royal treatment”.

  5. Feel a hint of bygone days as you watch the sword dance performed by the Böckstein miners. 

  6. Go stargazing, find hidden treasures and show off your dance moves during Star:Shopping. 

  7. Allow the hot thermal water to work its wonders on your skin.

  8. Celebrate life itself at the Street Festival in the heart of Bad Gastein. 

  9. Recharge your batteries during Thermal Water Meditation at the Felsentherme.  

  10. Embark on a musical journey back in time to the Belle Èpoque at Grand Hotel de l’Europe.

The many special events and celebrations that will take place throughout the year include numerous anniversary offers certain to make your holidays in Gastein more beautiful than you ever imagined. Join us on a fascinating stroll through time, from the Middle Ages to the present day.


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And join us in 2020 when the message is clear: It’s time to celebrate 1000 Years Gastein!

Past meets Present: the events marking 1000 Years Gastein

Much water has flown through the rocky strata of the Hohe Tauern mountains since the year 1020, when two members of a noble Bavarian family took possession of Gastein Valley. During anniversary year 2020, the colorful history of Gastein Valley will be brought vividly back to life for you to experience first-hand. Immerse yourself in the world as it was 1000 years ago! The many festivities during 1000 Years Gastein combine history with delectable culinary specialties, musical highlights and shopping events to create a single harmonious whole. 


Have you planned to spend your 2020 holidays in Austria? Here in Gastein, you can look forward to an array of attractions during this year’s anniversary celebrations, certain to appeal to everyone in your family!  


  • Attend the Medieval Festival and witness swordfights, witch trials and scenes from everyday life as it was lived back then. 

  • Allow yourself to be enthralled by the music performed by the town folk band, who will paint the last 10 centuries for you in musical pictures. 

  • Amble through medieval Burg Klammstein, the oldest building in Gastein, and during a free guided tour of the castle listen to intriguing tales from long, long ago. 

  • Be there as Kurorchester Bad Gastein gives a high-energy performance of 1000 minutes of popular melodies at 1000 m above sea level. 

  • During a history walk through Bad Hofgastein, discover whether gold can still be found in the Gastein mountains today.

Town center of Dorfgastein
Panoramic view of Bad Gastein

Music is in the air – at 1000 m above sea level

During the 1000 years of Gastein, countless songs were sung and many high-spirited dances were danced. Which is why the folk-heritage groups of Gastein Valley are an integral part of the 1000 Years Gastein festivities. Whether alphorn players, whip-snappers, small ensembles performing gentle Alpine folk melodies, or toe-tapping dance musicians – they will all take their rightful place in the spotlight at some point during the big Gastein Events 2020. Kurorchester Bad Gastein treats their audience to 1000 minutes of popular tunes at 1000 m above sea level – definitely a spectacular kick-off to this year’s concert season. 


A journey into the past and Mountains in Flames

At Gastein Museum, you will be able to experience a time-lapse journey through 10 centuries of Gastein history. The starting point for this journey is when Gastein was first officially chronicled in a document dated 1020 as the “parish in the Gastein”.

On 20 June, all of Gastein Valley will be cloaked in magic. “Mountains in Flames” is a mystical spectacle that takes place annually during the shortest night of the year. After darkness has fallen, bonfires and chains of lights are ignited atop summits and ridgelines throughout the length of the valley – a sight you are certain never to forget again.

Gastein celebrates its 1000-year history: Celebrate with us!

Whether Dance Festival or Castle Festival, Star:Shopping or Mountain Festival, Alpine Dialogues or the Kurorchester, our spa resorts or our awe-inspiring mountains: When Gastein Valley celebrates 1000 years of history, unforgettable experiences are assured. Choose the perfect place to stay from our wide accommodation selection and look forward to a variety-filled holiday in Salzburger Land, here in the heart of historic Gastein Valley. We look forward to seeing you soon in Gastein!

Events to celebrate "1000 Years Gastein"



Center - Dorfgastein
06.08.2022 | 19:30
Folk music, club life, dance and traditional costume, everything that there is to experience in Dorfgastein throughout the year, condenses on this weekend to a successful festival.


Center - Dorfgastein
07.08.2022 | 10:00
Folk music, club life, dance and traditional costume, everything that there is to experience in Dorfgastein throughout the year, condenses on this weekend to a successful festival.
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