Yoga by the Waterfall

"Yoga by the Waterfall" takes place every Thursday at 4 p.m. in Bad Gastein. Harness the power of the water, listening to the surge of the waterfall as you enjoy the fluid motions of yoga. Please register for this yoga session through Bad Gastein Tourist Office by phoning: +43 6432 3393 560.

Combine your holiday with relaxing yoga exercises. Leave the stresses of daily life far behind.

Yoga in Gastein's Mountain World

Namasté - welcome to Gastein! Relax body, mind and soul during yoga sessions at places of extraordinary natural power.

Escape the daily routine and rediscover your true self thanks to relaxing yoga exercises. Center yourself as you learn your first cat pose, stretch out your body with a few twists, and feel the calm flood through you in yin position. Breathing plays a central role in yoga, As you move, you focus on breathing in and out deeply, leaving no room to obsess about work or your to-do list. The rhythmical breathing and simultaneous movements also have a meditative effect. Plus, the motions are very gentle on your joints and you quickly sense how routines, initially so unfamiliar, become easier and more fluid. It is never too late to begin yoga!

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Introduction to Yoga

<ul><li>3 Übernachtungen</li><li>inkl. 5 Yogaeinheiten "Atme die Berge" im Frühjahr bzw. "Quelle der Inspiration" im Herbst</li></ul>
from € 189,00 per Person
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Yoga Intense Gastein

<ul><li>4 Übernachtungen</li><li>inkl. 10 Yogaeinheiten "Atme die Berge" im Frühjahr oder "Quelle der Inspiration" im Herbst </li></ul>
from € 287,00 per Person
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The Yoga Valley of the Alps

In Gastein, you don't have to forego yoga just because you are on holiday.  In fact, many hotels have their own yoga rooms, while trained instructors regularly offer courses. Gastein is a very special place for your yoga sessions, not least because of its abundant thermal waters and breathtaking mountain world. Take full advantage of this immense energy, drawing strength from our Alpine nature in combination with yoga exercises.

Yoga Days in Gastein

Yoga Days take place in Gastein twice a year. During your holidays in springtime and in the autumn, you can take part in numerous courses that are open to the general public. Have you ever done yoga on a suspension bridge or next to a powerful waterfall? Different forms of yoga, led by renowned yoga instructors at places of unique natural and spiritual power, guarantee a truly unique holiday experience.