F.X. Mayr Therapy in Austria

Relief from disorders associated with physical wear & tear

Mayr therapy - named after Austrian physician and researcher Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr (1875-1965) - is a form of therapy used successfully to treat practically all chronic illnesses as well as disorders caused by general wear & tear and the stresses of modern life. The primary focus is on the metabolism and, more specifically, the digestive system, improving the efficiency of nutritional intake as well as excretion.


The simultaneous improvement of respiration as well as the circulatory system has benefits for all the organs, and actually on each individual cell. Body, mind and spirit become healthier. The most effective component of therapy is a restricted diet, also meaning that the patient him-/herself makes the greatest contribution to their own health. The extent of therapy success is very much dependent on the individual's own insights and personal discipline.

Hanteln, Maßband, Obst, Gemüse und Säfte

Weight loss by stimulating metabolism

When you are dealing with weight issues, reducing your food intake often results in significant weight loss.  That said, Mayr therapy should not be compared with the usual slimming methods. By improving metabolism, it also promotes regeneration of your body as a whole. That said, overweight people often need to pursue a path such as this so as to get the most out of a healthier diet.


Therapy according to the Mayr approach is administered by trained, experienced physicians in Austria, and always tailored to your own personal needs. It extends from a relatively mild diet to a milk & bread regimen and even to so-called tea fasting. The details are determined by the severity of your condition, your age and constitution etc. Mayr therapy is far from being a drastic approach, its success also the result of giving your mind & body the timeout they so desperately need!

Teller mit Obst und Gemüse + einer Gabel

Conditions suitable for F.X. Mayr therapy in Austria

  • constipation and diarrhea
  • flatulence, diverticula, colitis
  • gastritis, metabolic hyperacidity, heartburn,
    gastric and duodenal ulcers
  • liver diseases
  • overweight, emaciation
  • high blood fats
  • high- & low blood pressure
  • chronic respiratory disease 
  • migraine
  • chronic skin conditions 
  • arthrosis, gout, soft-tissue rheumatism


Further information about F.X. Mayr therapy is available at www.f-x-mayr.com or from Johannesbad Hotel St.Georg.

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