Tips for Rainy Days: Gastein's Bad-Weather Program

Even when raindrops are hitting the ground and snow is flurrying in the air, there's lots to do in Gastein.

Unfortunately, the sun doesn't shine all the time, not even during your holidays. But even when dark clouds gather on the horizon, there's no cause for worry. In Gastein Valley, holidays are always great fun, come rain or snow. It's a perfect opportunity, for example, to pay a visit to a spa resort. The warm water will relieve any hint of muscle tension and, with a little bit of luck, might even wash the bad weather away. It will definitely raise your spirits no matter what. You can also experience culture in any weather, which is why the Gastein Museum never fails to be a popular choice. And for a special experience set against a breathtaking backdrop, the Kraftwerk Café, right at the foot of the mighty Bad Gastein Waterfall, is sure to be a hit. And if you are traveling with children, the Kids' Hall at Hotel Sonngastein is an exciting tip. On an area of 1,600 m2, the youngsters can run and play to their hearts' content - and the bad weather will quickly be forgotten. As it will when you look into the big, dark eyes of a horse, which brings us to a final bad-weather tip: horseback riding.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to book your next vacation in Gastein, a paradise of sports and wellness.

Treat yourself to a timeout at the Alpentherme or Felsentherme.

Head out on a pony ride with your kids.