Harvest Festival – the 5th season in Gastein

As summer up on the alpine pastures comes to a close, Harvest Festival gets underway in Salzburger Land. With high-spirited celebrations, dirndl dresses and lederhosen, and abundant love for life!

Between the end of August and late October, there's a lot going on in Gastein. Harvest Festival has entered the valley. After a busy summer tending to the high pastures, hill farmers return to the valley with their cattle. This has always been a time for celebration in Gastein Valley, and it remains so to this day. At convivial gatherings, there will be no shortage of dancing, singing or laughter. Everyone is grateful for a good summer grazing season - now the time has come to begin preparations for the winter. The final harvest is brought in and processed right there on the farm.

Alphornbläser in Tracht

Harvest Festival Celebrations: authentic folk traditions

Authentic, atmospheric celebrations are typical of this time of year. During Harvest Festival in Salzburger Land, you see and experience first-hand how local traditions are nurtured and revered. The lederhosen and dirndl dresses are pulled out of the wardrobe, while people dance and make music often until late into the night. There are demonstrations of ancient crafts. Above all, there is a sense of lightheartedness and exuberance that is absolutely infectious. Somehow, it seems that time has simply stood still for a day or two. For those few precious moments, smartphones and laptops have become irrelevant. We hope you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we enjoy the many celebrations associated with Harvest Festival in Gastein!

Culinary Harvest Festival : Regional Delicacies

Do you know some of the local specialties from Gastein Valley? During Harvest Festival season, you have the opportunity to sample many of the products that were made during summer grazing season up in the mountains. The cheese, for example, with fresh alpine herbs you can not only see, you can also smell and taste. Fruit is turned into jams, juices and schnapps, promising an array of marvelous flavor experiences. Is your mouth already beginning to water? If so, why not try creating a few of our local specialties for yourself. Lend a hand baking bread, making cheeses, or frying up some Blattlkrapfn. Visit the numerous farmers' markets and Harvest Festival restaurants in Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein and Dorfgastein.

Aus Stroh gefertigte Tiere

Creative Harvest Festival: Authentic Craftsmanship

The fact that farmers are oftentimes talented artists is far from a secret. At the entrances to towns, the artfully bound hay figures are a clear indication of precisely that. Lovingly conceived and decorated, these figures depict scenes from rural life or traditional crafts. During Harvest Festival, the animals and wagons are all elaborately decked out with floral and hay decorations of their own. A spectacle not to be missed.


During Harvest Festival, it's as if the entire valley puts on its "Sunday best". And in every corner, it seems, music is being played, while the region's culinary specialties prove quite impossible to resist. This is the fifth season in Gastein: Welcome to Harvest Festival!  

Other Event Highlights:

Gedeckter Tisch mit selbstgemachten Produkten
Homemade products from local hill farms.
Schubert in Gastein
Schubert in Gastein
Aufnahme von der Schwerttanzgruppe Böckstein am Schauplatz Montansiedlung in Böckstein
Böckstein Sword Dance
Böckstein Sword Dance
Festival to honor the miners of Gastein.

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