Classical Music at Huts in Gastein Valley

Evening wear gives way to hiking boots, sparkling wine to homemade elderberry juice and the concert hall to a traditional mountain hut. In Bad Hofgastein, the philharmonic orchestra Salzburg performs concerts of classical music amid glorious alpine pastures.

In your mind, mountain huts and classical music don't necessarily go together? If so, you have probably never been here to enjoy Alm:Klassik in Gastein. With the rays of sunshine gradually becoming gentler and summer transitioning into autumn, the musicians of the philharmonic orchestra Salzburg pack up their instruments and hike with them up into the mountains. And they don't do that because they can't bear the thought of hiking without their constant companion. They will actually be giving classical concerts at mountain huts above Bad Hofgastein. They will also be joined by traditional folk-music groups, who will perform excerpts from their own extensive repertoires.


Treat yourself to a break at a mountain hut, take in the sounds of beautiful music and enjoy the magnificent views - at no extra charge.

Program 2019

Sunday, 25.08.2019: Grussbergalm

Tuesday, 27.08.2019: Waldgasthof Angertal

Tuesday, 03.09.2019: Fundner Heimalm

Friday, 06.09.2019: Biberalm

Sunday, 08.09.2019: Feldinghütte/Gadaunerer Hochalmen

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