Guided Hike: Full moon hike

Topics: Léto | Podzim | Túry

Information about the Event:

Hike along the valley floor in Sportgastein with our hiking guide Hans Naglmayr. Hiking Time approx. 2 hours


The broad landscapes of the Sportgastein high valley are a remote natural paradise, a paradise that reveals its full beauty by daylight. That said, when the sun disappears behind the 3000-meter peaks and darkness begins to fall, the atmosphere is no less impressive.A guided full moon hike in Sportgastein offers the unique opportunity to enjoy this special atmosphere. With the full moon bathing the rocks, meadows and streams in its gentle light, guide Hans Naglmayr accompanies the group. It’s hardly surprising that he knows the National Park like his own back pocket. After all, he used to be a National Park Ranger here himself. Many tales are waiting to be told, though those moments of complete silence are also quite extraordinary in their own right.

The participation is free of charge.


Meeting point:
Nationalpark HouseSportgastein

Registration: until the day before 4 pm (until Friday if the hike is on Sunday)
Tourist Office Bad Gastein
+43 6432 3393 560 
[email protected]


Schareckstraße 35
5640 Bad Gastein, AT

Guided Hike: Full moon hike
Topics: Léto | Podzim | Túry
Meeting point: Nationalparkhaus Sportgastein, Bad Gastein
Tue, 21.09.2021
20:00 o'clock