Autumn Events in Gastein

The gold of autumn is always a welcome sight in Gastein Valley, since this heralds the arrival of the fifth season in our valley: Harvest Festival.

As the leaves gradually become more colorful and the sun sends its golden rays over the top of the Hohe Tauern peaks, summer slowly relinquishes center stage to autumn. And autumn is an especially beautiful time of year in Gastein Valley. Not only because the forests are radiant in all kinds of spectacular hues, but also because of the many different festivities. And because of what we refer to as "the fifth season": Harvest Festival.

From Harvest Festival to Goasabtrieb

It is a boisterous, fun-filled farewell to summer, as the gold of autumn is welcomed in with dancing and countless Harvest Festival celebrations. The women's colorful dirndl dresses fit in perfectly with nature's own display of color, painting a picture that reflects a pure joy for life. Even in the face of all those festivities and culinary temptations, it is important to pay some attention to your own good health as well, of course. And Yoga Autumn is the perfect opportunity to do precisely that. But also be sure to attend the Goasabtrieb Fest in Bad Hofgastein, when the animals which have spent the summer grazing on high pastures are driven back to the valley below.


Autumn in Gastein is something truly special. Immerse yourself in this vibrant, colorful kaleidoscope, dance from summer into autumn, and celebrate life itself. Here with us in Gastein.

There is so much going on in Gastein from the end of August until late October. Including high-spirited festivals, dirndl dresses and lederhosen, along with countless expressions of an exuberant love for life!