A World of Culinary Enjoyment in Gastein

Using only the finest ingredients, Gastein's restaurants, inns and huts conjure up meals that do wonders for body & soul.

Regional schnapps and Austrian wines, traditional favorites and acclaimed gourmet menus, from regional to international: Gastein effortlessly brings together seeming opposites, melding them to create an overall dining experience that is absolutely unforgettable.

Many restaurants source their raw ingredients from regional producers, organic farmers in the valley, or from Salzburger Land. If your mouth has already begun to water, now's the ideal time to book your next vacation in Gastein Valley. Memorable culinary moments are assured.

Delectable journey for the taste buds: the Via Culinaria

Regional and international: united deliciously

As much as we love our local foods, Gastein also likes nothing more than to cast its eye outside of the valley from time to time. Something reflected in dishes that often embody a variety of culinary points of view from around the globe. And speaking of variety: During your holiday in Gastein Valley, you might easily feel overwhelmed by the choices. What are you in the mood for today? A hearty plate of food at a ski lodge perhaps, a traditional meal at an organic farm, or an upscale dinner at an internationally acclaimed restaurant?

Assisting you in planning your culinary winter in Gastein we put together a little overview for you.