Prognoza meteo pentru Gastein : Vacanţă în Valea Gastein

Prognoza meteo pentru Gastein



Limita de îngheţ
1700 m


Limita de îngheţ
2400 m


Limita de îngheţ
3400 m

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A low pressure area over Scandinavia is sending relatively mild air from the Atlantic to the Alpine region. This air is so humid that clearer spells will be rare. It will not be humid enough, however, to produce any significant precipitation. Showers will be rare. It will not be very cold.

Prognoză prelungită

Apart from a few sunny spells, we will still see heavy cloud and occasional precipitation on Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday, the weather will become sunny. On Friday weather systems will move into our region. Showers will ensure temperatures drop noticeably.