Prognoza meteo pentru Gastein : Vacanţă în Valea Gastein

Prognoza meteo pentru Gastein



Limita de îngheţ
2000 m


Limita de îngheţ
2500 m


Limita de îngheţ
3100 m

Prognoza meteo de astăzi

On Saturday foehn winds will blow. They will be strong enough to keep showers away, but they will not succeed in dissipating all the clouds. We will therefore see a dry but rather cloudy day.

Prognoză prelungită

We are in autumn now and thus in the middle of the foehn season! This time of year is particularly known for its long-lasting foehn periods. Before Tuesday we will experience just such a foehn period: the wind will be strong at times allowing fair, always dry and extremely mild weather.