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"Gasteiner Skihauben"




In response to the steadily increasing desire for top-quality culinary experiences at Austria’s ski lodges, the Gastein Valley is now setting a accent. In the winter season 2012, for the very first time, seven of the region’s ski lodges offered truly exceptional dishes under the title Gasteiner Skihauben. Incorporating recipes and training from seven of Salzburg’s internationally acclaimed chefs, foremost amongst them being  Eckart Witzigmann, these lodges served dishes worthy of a place in any leading restaurant guide. Aside from Witzigmann, the seven Gault Millau-listed chefs includes no less than Gastein native Jörg Wörther, brothers Karl and Rudi Obauer, Andreas Döllerer, Sepp Brüggler, Andreas Kaiblinger and Sepp Schellhorn.

 “We wanted to give our guests the opportunity of enjoying a new gourmet dish at a different ski lodge on ever day of their weeklong ski vacation. When selecting the lodges, we paid special attention to an appropriate ambience and the overall culinary quality that already existed,” emphasizes Martin Zeppezauer, head of Gastein Valley Tourism. Precisely which dish is offered at which lodge is revealed in the Gasteiner Skihauben Guide, available at all ticket offices run by the Gastein Lift Company. “We see fine dining as the most important addition to the ski area and are delighted about this initiative. Our annual customer-satisfaction analyses have shown how important this aspect is for our skiing visitors” explains Franz Schafflinger, chairman of the Gastein Lift Company.






Participating ski chalets:


Bellevuealm, Bad Gastein

Patron: Prof. Dr. h. c. Eckart Witzigmann – Michelin-star chef

Chef of the Century / www.eckart-witzigmann.de

Dish: croissant toasted with liverwurst hash 


Jungerstube, Bad Gastein

Patron: Rudi Obauer – Gault Millau-toque chef

Chef of the Year 1989 / www.obauer.com

Dish: Hash brown-style potatoes with pikeperch and elder foam on a salad bouquet    


Angertal 1180, Angertal

Patron: Sepp Schellhorn – Gault Millau-toque chef


Dish: Creamy pasta with anchovies  


Waldgasthof, Angertal

Patron: Jörg Wörther – Gault Millau-toque chef / Chef of the Year 1999

Chef of the Decade 1990 / www.joerg-woerther.com

Dish: Mushroom croquettes with ham in a herb sauce  


Weitblick, Sportgastein

Patron: Andreas Kaiblinger – Gault Millau-toque chef / www.esszimmer.com

Dish: Pumpkin-butter noodles and pumpkin-kraut with
raw ham and sour cream

Weitmoser Schlossalm, Bad Hofgastein

Patron: Karl Obauer – Gault Millau-toque chef

Chef of the Year 1989 / www.obauer.com

Dish: Seared steak tartar on potato puree  


Wengeralm, Dorfgastein

Patron: Andreas Döllerer – Gault Millau-toque chef

Chef of the Year 2010 / www.doellerer.at

Dish: Ragout of venison with noodles  


Feldinghütte, Schlossalm/Angertal

Patron: Sepp Brüggler – Gault Millau-toque chef / www.erlhof.at

Dish: Light potato soup with pickled pork knuckle

and pretzel dumplings